PlaySwim Spas Provide Exercise and Relaxation swim spas

Swim Spas Provide Exercise and Relaxation

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The Swim Spa Advantage   Many athletes train using swim spas. The adjustable current of a swim spa provides the perfect way for anyone to train to their ability; and because of its compact size, virtually anyone can install a swim spa in their backyard. Athletes also appreciate ...
PlayHot Tub Repair Technicians hot tub repair

Hot Tub Repair Technicians

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Hot Tub Repair Technicians   Hot tub repair technicians in the province of Ontario must have a Grade 12 diploma or equivalent, and must have completed theory classes followed by a 6,000-hour apprenticeship under the Ontario College of Trades Apprenticeship Act (2009). These professionals ...
PlayHot Tub Benefits hottubbenefits

Hot Tub Benefits

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Hot Tub Benefits   A hot tub home spa provides you with a calm in the eye of the storm – a place of refuge from the world’s problems where you can relax and feel stress and tension drain away. Studies have shown that constant stress damages the body and shortens life, so regular ...
PlayHigh End Hot Tubs highendhottubs

High End Hot Tubs

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Swim Spas and Hot Tubs   High end hot tubs offer options for entertainment, physical training, relaxation, and just plain fun! While many backyards are too small to install a traditional pool, virtually every yard has room for a swim spa or hot tub. And in our climate, conventional ...
PlayFinding a Custom Hot Tub Retailer customhottubretailer

Finding a Custom Hot Tub Retailer

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Custom hot tub retailers have seen sales increase in recent years due to home spa innovations. New materials mean that hot tubs are very durable and stand up well to Canadian winters – and unlike conventional pools, hot tubs can be used year round. In fact, many users say that winter ...

Should You Consider Buying a Swim Spa in Ontario?

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Should You Consider Buying a Swim Spa in Ontario?   With the relatively short summers and longer winters, should you considering buying a swim spa in Ontario? There are amazing benefits that come from swimming: Intense calorie burning Building lean muscle Relieving stress ...

Stress Relief: Hot Tub Benefits

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Stress Relief: Hot Tub to the Rescue!   In today’s busy world, we are often subjected to outsized amounts of stress. Intense work demands, parenting challenges, dealing with finances, looking after elderly relatives, and even commuting in city traffic can add to our stress levels. ...

Salt Water Hot Tubs Provide Health Benefits

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Salt Water Hot Tubs   Having your own home spa can be a dream come true. Imagine sinking into bubbling warm water after a hard day at work, sharing a glass of wine with your significant other in the hot tub on a crisp fall evening, or hosting a party with music, laughs, and fun ...

Maintaining a Hot Tub

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Maintaining a Hot Tub   If you’re considering installing a home spa, you may be concerned that maintaining your hot tub will take a lot of time and effort. You may be surprised to learn that today’s hot tubs require minimal maintenance. In addition, your retailer may be able ...

Find the Best Alternatives to Hydropool Spas

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Alternatives to Hydropool Spas   Hydropool is a well-known brand of hot tubs and spas in the hot tub industry, but there are a multitude of other trusted brands to consider for any hot tub or spa purchase.   Consumers who are looking for a new hot tub or spa are generally ...

Hot Tubs for Ontario Homeowners

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Hot Tubs for Ontario Homeowners   Have you always dreamed of having your very own home spa? A summer barbecue with friends followed by a soak in the hot tub as the sun sets – it can’t be beat! But Ontario homeowners are sometimes discouraged by the impression that a hot tub can ...

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